About Me

"It all starts with a pillow"! This is a funny saying that I share with one of my best friends, and it is very true! All it can take is one throw pillow, a chandelier, an old photo, or maybe a special piece of furniture, to spark the idea for creating a room. I am always asked what my style is. While I definitely have my own personal style, when you are my client, what matters is your style. I want your home to be reflective of you. Before working as a designer, I had a background working on photography sets. I take my knowledge of balance, scale and color theory and apply it to your home. I love learning what is important to you and building a vision with that in mind. My process is organic and eclectic. I like to source from old and new and strive to create spaces that reflect your personality. While elements of my style may come through, my ultimate gaol is for you to feel complete joy and happiness in the space once it is completed. I hand select every piece I bring in for an installation, and that is carefully done so with you in mind. Every project is unique and I look forward to getting to know your personality.

What I Need from You

I love direct, open communication. The more you can truly express what you like and dislike, the better your space will be. Please come with enthusiasm, excitement and the desire for the room of your dreams! I also ask for your trust. Trust is a key component to the process. Your vision comes first, and know that I carry that vision with me throughout the whole journey. Let’s have fun together!! My goal is to help you love the spaces you live in!