Full Service

This option includes the mood board, layout, me personally shopping for all of the decor to bring the space together, and full installation to provide you with a completed professional look. The items I shop for could include, artwork, throw pillows & blankets, baskets, plants, lamps, etc… In my mind, these are truly the elements that make a space shine! If you choose this option, I provide links to you for you to purchase any large furniture items, rugs, mirrors or heavy artwork. I prefer for you to handle the ordering and receiving of those items. I will store all decor items that I shop for until the day of installation. I will provide you with an estimated budget for the items I intend to purchase. An itemized price list of the items used will be provided once installation is completed. For a full service project, I charge a flat rate that incudes my design services + shopping time and an hourly rate for the day of installation. These rates may vary depending upon the scope of the project and size of the space. A flat rate fee for an average room may be in the range of $1500-$3000. The hourly rate for the day of installation is billed at $130 per hour for my time and my assistant. If any contractors are needed for anything such as installing lighting, painting, flooring, or any custom work, they are to be paid directly. If I am needed to assist with project management, additional fees will be negotiated.